Last night was great. I had such an incredible time. Colorado is really full of such awesome talent. Project Aspect opened the night with some original material live PA using Ableton Live and an APC40. His stuff was definitely more low-key than the rest of the night, but still impressive all the same. He always seems to have a solid group of friends and supporters in tow, which is a good quality to have in an opener. Props to him.

I played from about 10:15 to 10:50 before Crowdrock showed up, then we tagged until 11:30. Crowdrock is the papa bear of the operation, and it was incredibly generous of him to let me continue playing with him until the end of our slots. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures, and I had to leave about 20 minutes into MartyParty’s set to go and play another gig.

Overall, it was an awesome night anyway!